• Kitesurfing in the Virgin Islands Caribbean

The Virgin Islands

The place

Kite spot in the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean

The Virgin Islands consist of 4 main islands and over 60 smaller cays which together form one of the most renowned destinations in the Caribbean. Power and sailing yachts from all over the world flock to visit these stunning islands during the peak months and the sight of the anchorages can be impressive. The main kitesurf locations are the deserted paradise of Anegada and the huge reef fringed lagoons to the north of Virgin Gorda.

The trip
Kite cruise in the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean

Trips to the Virgin Islands either start from Tortola or for the more serious sailors from St Martin. This expedition concentrates on 4 kitespots in the Islands of Virgin Gorda and Anageda with an optional visit to Jost Van Dyke if the wind direction is favorable. Each destination has a completely different feel. Jost offers great snorkelling and night life and 1 great kite spot. Gorda Sound offers 2 great spots in its reef fringed lagoons. Anegada is a lost paradise away from the crowds. The kite conditions here are as good as it gets with turquoise lagoons, long distance crossings and wave spots on the reefs.

Useful Information

  • Departures

    Tortola (EIS) / St Martin (SXM)

  • Language


  • Currency


  • Kite size

    9-14 (80kg / 175lbs rider)

  • Kite spots

    Gorda Sound, Anegada reef, Anegada offshore, Jost Van Dyke

  • Conditions

    Lagoons, ultra-flat offshore, waves

Kite Spots

Tortola Island Map


Tortola is the capital Island of the BVI’s and is a great place to take a day trip to explore the islands beaches, trails and towns. Kiting here takes place in the South and East of the island in flat/choppy conditions. We often skip these spots as the conditions are far better elsewhere. The North west coast of the Island offers some great surfing and some very lively bars, including the famous ‘Bomba shack’.

Jost Van Dyke
Jost Van Dyke Island Map

Jost Van Dyke

Lying to the west of Tortola this small Island offers some spectacular snorkeling and has a good flat kitespot when the wind direction is right. Jost is also home to the famous ‘Foxys Bar’ where a great night out is guaranteed.

Virgin Gorda
Virgin Gorda Island Map

Virgin Gorda

This is where the serious kiting begins! Virgin gorda lies due east of Tortola and offers some spectacular beaches and surf spots. In the north is an area called Gorda sound which incorporates several large lagoons and a cluster of tiny islands including Necker Island, home to Virgin records founder Richard Branson. We concentrate on 2 great spots herewhich offer flat lagoons and waves on the reef. Kite with turtles and rays in this turquoise paradise and ride between the reef fringed islands.

Anegada Island Map


A few hours sail to The north of Gorda Sound takes us to Anegada. One of our favorites, this island offers little in the way of nighlife but more than makes up for this by its amazing beaches and kitespots. We anchor on the west coast of the island in front of a pristine and deserted white sand beach. This kite spot is dead flat and offshore, perfect for freestyle and big airs. A quick tack up to the northern coast presents you with a deserted lagoon with big rollers on the reef.

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