• Catamarans vs. Mono Hulls

The Advantages of Catamarans for Kite Cruise Charters

Catamarans are now the preferred choice for kite cruises as they offer maximum comfort for guests both under sail and at anchor.

Catamarans vs. Mono Hulls


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In recent years the yachting industry has been dominated by catamarans due to the huge comfort advantage over monohulls. Under sail guests can move around comfortably as the boat remains stable on the water. At anchor the boat is more like a house with separate rooms and social areas on the deck. Catamarans also offer much more space for stowing kites and boards in the lockers.

Advantages of Catamarans

  • Very stable under sail and at anchor
  • Shallow keels
  • Very spacious
  • Fast
  • Living area above deck

Disadvantages of Catamarans

  • higher rental cost

Mono Hulls

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Monohulls are probably the safest boats for long ocean passages and are fun to sail. In recent years the interior comfort has been improved and a 47ft boat can comfortably sleep 6 to 8 people.

Under sail a monohull will be at an angle and it is difficult to move around the boat. In addition their long keels make it hard to anchor in shallow areas. On deck space is very limited and the cockpits are generally very small. Finally, cabins are small and the living area, being ‘below decks’, offers little view and can be claustrophobic.

Mono Hull Advantages

  • Safe and seaworthy
  • Cheaper to charter

Mono Hull Disadvantages

  • ‘Heel over’ under sail
  • Deep keels
  • Small cabins
  • Limited deck space
  • Salon ‘below deck’
  • More chance of sea sickness

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