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At Caribbean Kite Cruise we are committed to delivering the highest standard of service to our guest. Don’t just take our word for it, check out some of our guest reviews below or visit the independent reviews on TripAdvisor.

This was a great trip for my wife and I. It was not just kiting: the boat provides another dimension and the interaction with the crew and the other guests makes it a very special trip. I highly recommend this company, the crew was really professional and they did what was needed and more. I would go again!

K WalshNovember 2019

This was a kite trip of a lifetime! We had so much fun and the experience was greatly enhanced by our captain and chef, both wonderful and very attentive to everyone’s needs. Food was healthy and delicious and the kiting was amazing with 18-23 knots wind everyday. Beautiful islands with turquoise water, white sand beaches and turtles everywhere.

Ed RobMay 2019

This trip surpassed my expectations. You guys do a perfect job, understand your clients and make the best experience for them. You have it all under control. The kiting, the beaches, the bars, the snorkeling and the hiking, we never got bored. It was a really great vacation and Caribbean Kite Cruise made it better. Thanks.

Ricardo MarquezMarch 2019

This was the perfect family vacation ever! I recommend this trip to anyone, even if they are not kiters, because there are many other things to see and do. The kiting was absolutely amazing: crystal clear water, warm winds and incredible flat water spots only for ourselves!

Mads BCFebruary 2019

We organised a trip for 18 friends with whom we got to share an incredible Caribbean adventure! From Yoga in Morpion Island to kitesurfing in crystal water with turtles, and dancing beneath the full moon. We could not have asked for a better trip!

Dan LynchFebruary 2019

The experience we had was amazing! The manager of the company found us a private plane to optimize our time on the boat, booked us two kite instructors and found a way to organize two morning dives in the middle of the trip! The conditions were really good for learning and also the beautiful landscapes and the multiple islands you visit withing very short time sailing.

Frederic DimFebruary 2019

Loved the energy, the knowledge and input from our skipper. He always had a plan in mind to make us kite as much as we wanted. The chef was also incredible with amazing cooking skills. We loved to see him prepare the fishes we caught with high precision. Both of them made a great crew for a unique experience in the Grenadines. Thanks for that!

Thomas SchutJanuary 2019

The scenery, the beauty of the Grenadines and the good wind made this an exceptional trip!. Two of our guests didn’t kite and enjoyed themselves immensely. My daughter was just learning to kite and the instructors were great. The food was fantastic and whatever someone wished for seemed like it was there the next day.

Lloyd DyckJanuary 2019

This was the perfect kite vacation! Absolutly amazing spots, great people and super spacious and comfortable boat. The captain made sure we spent as much time in the water as possible everyday. And the food prepared by the chef the was delicious. I highly recommend this experience!

Sigrid TiberDecember 2018

This was the best kite vacation! Thanks to the captain’s tips I could finally land a Railey! I really enjoyed the variety of beautiful locations. Living on the boat was great, the cabins were clean and it didn’t feel crowded at all. I would definitely go again!

Michelle KApril 2018

Amazing crew! They went so far above and beyond what I expected and made the experience unforgettable. The captain adjusted the schedule based on the wind and gave us a great understanding of each spot. He was always around if we needed assistance which gave everyone a lot of confidence at every spot.

Josh RodriguezMarch 2018

This was a trip of a life time that I will never forget! I felt completely safe while kiting at each spot. The food was delicious with variety, freshness and always timely. It was also so valuable to have a crew with knowledge of the islands. Thank you for all the thought, hardwork and care that goes into these trips to make such amazing experiences!

Raschel HarerMarch 2018

This was the best trip I have ever been on. Not only kitesurf, we hiked islands, fished, and snorkeled. The food was excellent: we had fresh lobster three days in a row and fresh fish everyday. The combination of everything the crew did, the amazing catamaran and all the locations we visited, made this the best trip of my life.

Orste VelwMarch 2018

I would like to thank you so much for the wonderfull holidays we spend with my family on your catamaran. The staff was superb and the boat is beautiful and really confortable. We really enjoyed the trip, the kite, the wonderfull meals and the beauty of the spots we visited. We liked it so much that we wish to come back again next year!

Tommy, Nico, Sandra & Hernan RosenblattFebruary 2018

I really enjoyed the trip and had a great time. A special thanks to the chef for the great meals, he did an awesome job! Also a big thanks to the captain for his support during kite sessions, sailing and background information about the different places. We hope to join you again soon!

Selina BeeFebruary 2018

Amazing trip! This was my second time doing a kite cruise with this company and we had an epic time with my friends sailing from Greneda to Union and then around. The scenery looks like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie. The kite spots are astonishing and food was amazing. I will never forget this trip!

Alex KalinowskiJanuary 2018

It was an amazing trip and I can’t say enough good things about the Crew. The captain was extremely competent, top notch and great fun to get to know and spend time with. The girls were great in the kitchen and tended to every detail. It was reassuring to have someone so competent and concerned with every detail to be in charge. With any luck I’ll be back next winter!

Troy HenkelsDecember 2017

I wanted to say thanks for the opportunity to kite and sail with your company. Boat was great but it was the crew that really made the trip fun and successful. The chef was amazing, great food and attitude. He was always quick to jump in and help and made the trip 5 stars!

Dave SmithDecember 2017

I loved the kite cruise and will do it again for sure. It was amazing and I never expected to have so much fun. The boat, the people, the locations and the kiting… all surpassed my expectations and I’m still stoked!

Jeremy BedzowJune 2017

Everyone trully enjoyed everything. The crew took very good care of us and the boat. They were both friendly, organized, responsible, patient and attentive. You guys are awesome and I’m sure I’m going to see you again in the future!

Nick PinnockMay 2017

I often think about this sailing trip and came to the result hat the most impressive experience was not the Caribbean, not the nice kiting locations, not to be on a sailing boat, it was the nice crew! Thanks for giving me a stressless and relaxing time with my family on your boat!

Christoph & Mahnaz EsserApril 2017

The trip was great. We had a perfect crew who tried to make us feel most comfortable all the time. The boat was clean, modern, food was extraordinarily good, the cabins were comfortable, clean, and the itinerary was really well chosen. We really enjoyed the time on board!

Michael Liska & LillaMarch 2017

This was the best kiteboarding cruise! The captain and chef taught me how to back roll with style and made sure we all had the best kite conditions (and Sushi!). The spots were better than in the movies, every photo looked like a postcard. Definitely recommend it!

ArnoMarch 2017

I have to give you 5 stars on everything. The food quality, quantity and variety were great for me. The boat was clean and comfortable. Our crew was amazingly helpful. The variety of spots we went to was outstanding with each one seemingly better than the last, and my wife found Arthur to be the best instructor ever. Thanks so much for the best Kiting trip ever!

Mike MargolisMarch 2017

I can’t say enough great things about the crew, they made sure we had the best time!. The kiting was a great mix of flat water to waves and the captain adapted the itinerary based on the ability of all the kiters. We also learn how to sail and handle the boat. It’s been the best Kite Trip ever!

LakeMarch 2017

I had a great experience on the trip. Everyone was extremely friendly, helpful, courteous and most of all fun! It was my first time coming to the Grenadines (and sleeping on a catamaran) and it exceeded my expectations. The crew were fantastic. The whole group including myself were blown away with the food prepared and hospitality provided. It was amazing and I can’t wait to come back.

Dawn GundrumMarch 2017

Frankly this trip was really magic. The crew did all their best to make us happy. Everyone is still amazed by the meals prepared by the chef. The boat is very clean and comfortable. The wind was there at required time and strength. The beauty of the Grenadines was astonishing along the different visited islands and the captain adapted really smartly our itinerary to provide us with the best kiting conditions.

Jean-Hugues MasgnauxFebruary 2017

We had a fabulous time on the boat. Our captain was a very experienced sailor and kitesurfer and he taught us the Dark Slide! The scenery is simply majestic. We snorkeled with turtles and manta ray in Tobago Cays. I Highly recommend this trip and it’s well worth the cost.

Leroy GunnerFebruary 2017

Discovering the Grenadines in a catamaran and kitesurfing all day long was one of the best trips ever! Our boat was awesome and the crew were even better. The landscapes, the kiting conditions, the great weather and the sailing was once in a lifetime adventure!

Pietro FesaJanuary 2017

This trip exceeded our expectations. My husband improved kiting, learned to sail upwind and became more independent. I was completely new to the sport, but the captain was an exceptional teacher and coach. The chef cooked amazing meals and also shared her kiting knowledge with the group. They made us feel at home.

Susan HJanuary 2017

My wife and I – both avid kitesurfers – were looking for a good kite spot in the Caribbean when we bumped into Caribbean Kite Cruise website. We thought – why limit ourselves to only one kite spot when we could try them all? So we booked the trip, and that was probably the best decision in my life.

Francesco PuglianoDecember 2013

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