Caribbean Kitesurf Trips

From the comfort of a modern catamaran get away from the crowds and join us for the experience of a lifetime. Our trips follow the wind and take you on an unforgettable voyage through the best kite spots in the Caribbean. Explore the islands, experience vibrant local cultures and simply enjoy being pampered by our professional crew.

Choose one of the following types of adventure and embark on the trip of a lifetime.

Private Cruises

Reserve the entire catamaran and customise your trip!

Private Cruises

Private kite cruise in the Grenadines

Private trips are recommended for groups of 4 to 8 guests and are customised to meet your group’s specific requirements. Some itineraries are geared towards kitesurf addicts while others cater for families or beginners. The Private Kiteboarding Cruise covers 7 or 10 nights, however any duration is possible.

Cabin Cruises

Book a cabin and meet likeminded travellers from all over the world.
Cabin Cruises

Cabin Cruises Kite Vacation in Grenadines

For couples, individuals and smaller groups we organise trips by the cabin. Each boat has 4 double cabins with private bathrooms and a layout designed to maximise privacy.  With kiteboarding as everyone’s common interest these trips have a great vibe. The Cabin Kitesurfing Cruise duration is either 7 or 10 days.

Kite Cruise Concept

Our mission is to combine all the ingredients to give kiteboarders the ultimate kite vacation.

  • Modern, spacious catamaran

  • Fresh, healthy cuisine

  • 7 islands and kitespots

  • Downwinders – waves - flat

  • Professional kite guide

  • Coaching - Safety - Rescue

Kiteboarding Conditions

The caribbean is a kitesurfers playground with great wind statistics and mind blowing kite spots. Our cruises take you on a journey through the islands in search of the best kitesurf conditions.

Consistent Wind

From November to July the trade winds blow 15-20 kts most of the time. Typical kite sizes: Men 9-14  / women 7-10

No Crowds

Most destinations we visit are only accessible by private boat so kite spots are rarely crowded.

Great Climate

The Caribbean climate is warm and sunny all year round. Seas are crystal clear and no wetsuits are needed.

Your Floating Kite Center

At Caribbean Kite Cruise we have selected the best boats, the best crews and the best conditions to ensure your kite cruise experience is second to none.


With a modern catamaran you no longer need to be a salty seadog to go on a sailing holiday. Stable, spacious, loaded with creature comforts, you might just feel more relaxed than in your own home! Our new lagoon 45′ catamaran offers accommodation in 4 double cabins, each with a queen size bed and private bathroom.


We pride ourselves in offering a high standard of cuisine using only the best local ingredients. Our ‘Comfort’ package includes 3 freshly made meals per day by our chef. Each day brings a new adventure whether it be discovering a new island, learning a new trick or catching fish for the evening meal.


In our role as Duotone ambassadors we have a selection of the latest Duotone gear for you to demo during your trip. If you want to travel light why not choose our gear rental package which gives you unlimited access to all our kites and boards. Take a look at our Duotone Test Center page for more info on what we have available.

Kite School

We are the only kite cruise operator incorporating an officially endorsed ‘IKO’ and VDWS kite school. Our qualified instructors are available throughout your trip to ensure you make most of the conditions and progress to the next level. Lessons are compulsory until you can confidently ride upwind.


Sailing vacations to the Grenadines have been a popular choice long before kiteboarding existed. The islands and anchorages also offer plenty of activities for both non kiters and nature lovers – on land and in the sea. Visit our activities page to find out what’s on offer.

Grenadines Kiteboarding Season

To guarantee the best chance of wind we only organise kite cruises from November to July during the Trade Wind season. Average wind is 15 – 20 kts with the strongest winds from Christmas to March. June is the month with most consistency.



Amazing trip!

This was my second time doing a kite cruise with this company and we had an epic time with my friends sailing from Greneda to Union and then around. The scenery looks like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie. The kite spots are astonishing and food was amazing. I will never forget this trip!

This was a trip of a life time that I will never forget! I felt completely safe while kiting at each spot. The food was delicious with variety, freshness and always timely. It was also so valuable to have a crew with knowledge of the islands. Thank you for all the thought, hardwork and care that goes into these trips to make such amazing experiences!

It was an amazing trip and I can’t say enough good things about the Crew. The captain was extremely competent, top notch and great fun to get to know and spend time with. The girls were great in the kitchen and tended to every detail. It was reassuring to have someone so competent and concerned with every detail to be in charge. With any luck I’ll be back next winter!

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