• Official IKO kiteboarding School

    Endorsed by the International Kiteboarding Organisation

    Professional IKO instructor Kite crew

Grenadines Kitesurf School

To ensure the best possible service we have our own kite school based on our boats in the heart of the Grenadines. With the latest Duotone kite gear and our qualified instructors, you will progress rapidly throughout your Kite trip. All lessons take place in open areas with a safety boat providing close supervision.


Kitesurf lessons for beginners Grenadines

Kite Lessons can either be taken by the hour or booked as a complete course for the duration of the trip. We offer both private and shared lessons which can be taken at your own pace depending on your physical ability. Kite lessons are compulsory until you are riding upwind and able to recuperate your own board.

Intermediate riders
Kitesurf lessons for intermediate level student Grenadines

Not kited for a while? Feeling a little rusty? Many guests greatly benefit from a couple of hours of private lessons at the start of the trip to get back to speed. Loose those bad habits right from the start so you can make the most of your time on the water. Once you are riding with confidence coaching is available throughout your kite cruise free of charge. Just ask the captain.

Use your kite vacation to progress to the next level. Whatever your level our skipper is at hand to answer your questions and analyse technical problems. Advanced kite coaching and demonstrations are provided free of charge throughout the trip. To assure your safety our rescue boat is always close to hand.

Learn to kite in paradise

Fast progression and maximum safety in the Caribbean’s best kitesurfing spots.

Kite instructors

All our instructors are professionally trained and follow all safety procedures set out by the IKO. Instructors have their own dedicated safety boats and stay with their students at all times. When a student has successfully completed each level, we can issue an IKO certificate which is recognised in other schools around the world.

IKO Kitesurf instructors team in the Grenadines

Duotone kiteboarding

For maximum security and to ensure the best possible service we renew ALL our kite equipment at the beginning of every season. For lessons we use the NEO and EVO which are great kites not only for beginners, but also for intermediate and advanced riders. Kitesurf equipment and damage insurance is included in the price of lessons.

Duotone kitesurf gear for rent

IKO Kitesurf School

The international Kiteboarding organisation was created in 2001 and sets the standards for kiteboarding safety in kite schools. IKO endorsed schools adhere to a strict protocol which creates a safe and efficient environment for students to learn all aspects of the sport. IKO instructors go through several stages of training before being able to issue certificates of competence to their students.

IKO Kite School

Beginner kite spots

Learn to kite in uncrowded spots with warm water, stable wind and blue skies. Lessons are possible in most of the anchorages however ‘Fregate’ is the safest location for beginners as it offers a large area of very flat water with consistent wind. Once the basic skills have been mastered, lessons can be continued in Mayreau garden or Tobago Cays.

Fregate flat water Kitesurf spot in Union Island

Lesson technique

The beaches of the Grenadines are often quite small so kite lessons can often start directly off the catamaran. To ensure maximum safety all lessons take place in open water in offshore winds with the assistance of our safety boat. Instructors are always close to hand and lessons are either one to one shared. We do not teach more than 2 students at the same time.

Rescue boat kitesurf student in the Grenadines

Kite School Rates

Standard kite lessons

The perfect choice for either complete beginners or intermediate riders needing to refresh their skills. Choose between Private or Shared kiteboarding lessons.

  • 1 student – 1 kite: 100 €/hour
  • 1 student – 1 kite: 270 € / 3hours
  • 1 student – 1 kite: 500 € / 6 hours
  • 2 students – 1 kite: 250 € / 2 hours
  • 2 students – 1 kite: 450 € / 4 hours
  • 2 students – 1 kite: 650 € / 6 hours
  • personal instructor

  • private safety boat

  • kitesurf gear & damage insurance

Intermediate Rental & Lesson Combo

If you already learnt to kite but have trouble staying upwind then this rental pack is the option for you. Also recommended for riders who have not kited for a while and may be a little rusty.

  • 1 week kite rental + 3 hours of lesson: 590 €
  • 10 day kite rental + 3 hours of lesson : 690 €
  • 3 hrs of private lessons

  • Supervision & rescue

  • Kite gear rental once riding upwind

Independent Rider Rental Deals

If you want to travel light and avoid airline baggage fees, we also offer guests special rates on rental. This option is for independent riders only who can ride upwind in all conditions.

  • 1 week kite cruise: 350 €
  • 10 day kite cruise: 450 €
  • Twin tips & Surfboard

  • Duotone Bars 22m & 24m

  • Duotone Rebel SLS, Neo SLS, Juice & Mono

Additional Rental Gear

To avoid airline baggage fees, some guests bring their own kites and rent only the board. Individual item rental is also a great choice if you want to learn to foil or did not pack the right size kite. Latest addition to our stock are also Fanatic Wingfoil Boards & Duotone Wings. If you haven´t tried yet – this is your chance.

    Kites + bar
  • 1 day: 50 €
  • 1 week: 200 €
  • 10 days: 280 €
    Gonzales, Select, Jaime, Whip SLS
  • 1 day: 20 €
  • 1 week: 80 €
  • 10 days: 100 €
    Duotone Hybrid Foil
  • 1 day: 30 €
  • 1 week: 100 €
  • 10 days: 130 €
    Fanatic Wingfoil Board & Duotone Wings
  • 1 day: 80 €
  • 1 week: 300 €
  • 10 days: 400 €


Kite gear rental is strictly restricted to confident upwind riders in all round conditions. Guests have the option to purchase an insurance which covers any accidental damage to the rented gear during normal use. Riders are responsible to all damage to uninsured gear during the rental or test period.

  • 1 day: 20 €
  • 1 week: 70 €
  • 10 days: 100 €
  • 1 day: 15 €
  • 1 week: 50 €
  • 10 days: 70 €
  • 1 day: 5 €
  • 1 week: 20 €
  • 10 days: 30 €
  • No Insurance available


To ensure availability, we recommend booking rental and kite lessons in advance. Beginners can plan 2 hours instruction each day which should get them riding by the end of the trip. Any pre-booked lessons not used will be refunded at the end of the trip.


The experience we had was amazing! The manager of the company found us a private plane to optimize our time on the boat, booked us two kite instructors and found a way to organize two morning dives in the middle of the trip! The conditions were really good for learning and also the beautiful landscapes and the multiple islands you visit withing very short time sailing.

This trip exceeded our expectations. My husband improved kiting, learned to sail upwind and became more independent. I was completely new to the sport, but the captain was an exceptional teacher and coach. The chef cooked amazing meals and also shared her kiting knowledge with the group. They made us feel at home.

I have to give you 5 stars on everything. The food quality, quantity and variety were great for me. The boat was clean and comfortable. Our crew was amazingly helpful. The variety of spots we went to was outstanding with each one seemingly better than the last, and my wife found Arthur to be the best instructor ever. Thanks so much for the best Kiting trip ever!

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