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Full Board with Hostess vs. Self Catering

A big variable that will influence the price of a trip is the type of package that is offered.

Self Catering

A self catering trip will always appear as the cheapest option as the price advertised is for boat and skipper only. On the surface the price is attractive however beware of hidden extra costs as they can build up. Most self catering trips charge extra for boat and dinghy fuel, water, immigration, park fees and even post charter cleaning ! In addition it is an art to know how to provision a ship, inexperience can lead to a lot of wastage.

Self Catering

Local market in Union Island Clifton

Self catering advantages

  • Lowest price offer


  • Stress of shopping on arrival
  • Advertised price does not include boat operating costs
  • Local products are more expensive than on the continent

Provisioning Agent

To avoid having to do the shopping on arrival most charter agencies offer the possibility of supplying a shopping list to their provisioning agent and having the boat stocked with groceries on the day of arrival.

Provisioning Agent

Fresh Fish Meal in The Grenadines

Provisioning Agent Advantages

  • Saves time and hassle


  • Little choice over products selected
  • Prices in the Caribbean are high on imported goods, beware of high bills
  • You still have to do the cooking, cleaning and washing up!

Crewed Charter with Hostess

This option separates the ‘family outing’ from the ‘holiday of a lifetime’. By choosing a hostess you will be pampered from dawn until dusk. No washing up, cooking, cleaning or making the beds ! In addition the extra cost is often less than expected as an experienced hostess will know how to efficiently provision the groceries.

Crewed Charter with Hostess

Catering Cheff Onboard Catamaran

Crewed charter with hostess Advantages

  • Hassle free organization
  • More time to relax and have fun on the water
  • Without a hostess a boat can get dirty fast
  • Often minimal extra cost compared to self catering


  • Slightly higher cost

All Inclusive

This is the same as above however the boat running costs are included in the package for peace of mind. These costs are often over 500 euros per trip.

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