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Use A Reputable Kite cruise operator

Although 2 kiteboarding charters may seem the same on the surface it is also important to consider the type of company that you are dealing with and their structure.

Kite Cruise Specialist

Caribbean Kite Cruise is the most established and within the industry there are only a handful of other operators that are genuine kite cruise specialists. These are official companies that offer kitesurf charters on well equipped, purpose designed catamarans for kiteboard enthusiasts. All have their dedicated website, experienced crew and kite cruise insurance.


  • Direct contact with a cruise specialist for reservations
  • Catamaran equipped especially for kite cruises
  • Experienced kiteboarding crew
  • Equipment and instruction available
  • Informative website
  • Charter insurance
  • Custom itineraries to suit all groups
  • 'Cabin only' trips possible


  • Often full booked over the best months.

Charter Agencies

Most yacht charter agencies have been offering Caribbean cruises for many years with great success.   They have anywhere from 10 to 100 boats each and specialise in both bareboat and skippered charter for general holidaymakers. Having noticed the recent influx of kitesurfers some of the charter agencies have started advertising as kite cruise operators.


  • Efficient payment system
  • Possible packages including flights
  • Selection of different sized vessels


  • Reservation staff has little or no knowledge of kitesurfing
  • The crew may not kitesurf or know the best kite spots
  • No possibility of kite lessons
  • Generally fixed programs
  • Boats not optimized for kite cruise
  • Unable to offer cabin only reservations
  • 'Add-on' costs can be higher than expected (fuel, water, immigration)

Private Individuals

In the Caribbean there are many privately owned boats which try to cover some of their running costs by selling charters. As many sailors have recently taken up kiting some of these private owners now offer their services for kiteboarding cruises.


  • Sometimes possible to negotiate price and smaller groups
  • Custom itinerary possible
  • Often more flexible and available


  • No guarantees as to condition of vessel
  • No recourse if something goes wrong
  • Most often no insurance

Independent Skippers

There are some Captains out there who have lots of experience in both kiting and sailing but do not own their own boat. In this case they rent catamarans from the charter agencies and organize their own trips


  • Experienced captain and kite guide
  • Selection of boats available
  • Kite lessons available
  • Custom itinerary possible


  • Boats not optimized for kite cruise
  • Rarely possible to offer 'cabin only' trips

Kite broker

Finally, one worth a mention is a small agency that specializes in regrouping most of the above types of kite cruise provider on one database. This helps the kite cruise holidaymaker to compare different offers available.


  • Easy to compare prices
  • Simple to find trips suited to specific requirements
  • Lots of boats listed


  • Not all listings are 'professionals'
  • The agency is not responsible for its listings