Kite Surfari is became Caribbean Kite Cruise
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KITE SURFARI and Caribbean Kite Cruise

About Kite Surfari

Kite Surfari ( was born in Margarita, Venezuela back in 2006 by a windsurf instructor from 'Club Mistral' at the famous 'El Yaque' beach. Captain Rik was living aboard his 47 ft monohull 'Dakunha' and started out by operating kitesurfing daysails from 'El Yaque' to the nearby islands of 'Coche' and 'Cubagua'. The success of these day trips quickly led on to longer adventures to the islands of Tortuga and Los Roques which boast the best kiteboarding spots in the Caribbean.

About Caribbean Kite Cruise

In 2011, due to the increasing security issues and instability in Venezuela, Kite-surfari decided to relocated its operations to the safer eastern Caribbean islands of the Grenadines, Virgin Islands, Antigua & Barbuda and as a result created its new brand 'Caribbean Kite Cruise' ( It was also at this time that the boat was upgraded from a monohull to a 47 ft catamaran thus increasing comfort for guests.

The near future

At the time of writing we have just finished a very successfull 2015 season and continue to be the caribbeans leading kite cruise specialist. The winds have been great all season and we've had the pleasure of making new friends from all corners of the world. This coming season we have the pleasure of expanding our fleet by introducing our new leopard 46. This addition will enable us to offer kiteboarding charters all season round in the Grenadines, our most popular destination. ;-)

Captain Rik

captain rik

Captain Rik

Captain Rik (38) is originally from the UK but has spent the last 20 years living in warmer climates and following his passion for watersports and the sea. Previously a windsurf instructor he has now been cruising the Caribbean for 10 years in search of the best kitesurf locations.