St Martin and Anguilla Kitesurfing, Check kite trip info and useful information
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Useful Information

Departures ...St Martin (SXM)
Language .... English/French
Currency ..... USD/Euro
Kite size ..... 9-14 (for rider 80kg/175lbs)
Kite spots ... Tintamarre, Galleon, Orient Bay, scrub Island, Prickley Pear,sandy Island
Conditions ... Lagoons, ultra flat offshore, waves, chop.

photo st martin and anguilla

The place

• These 2 islands are a complete contrast to each other despite being only a few hours sail apart. St Martin, despite being tiny is the livliest party island in the Caribbean. Half French and half Dutch this place offers some great restaurants, bars, clubs, live music, and duty free shopping!
• Anguilla on the other hand ticks over at a much slower pace and gives off a more traditional caribbean vibe. Both islands boast some great kite spots.

photo st martin and anguilla

The trip

• The trip starts near the airport in the south of St Martin and is a great place to have a few sunset cocktails. If you are keen to get on the water then its a short sail to the spots on the North East corner of the island. Here we spend a few days playing in 3 kite spots. Conditions are flat in the lagoons, waves on the reef and choppy for the downwinder . In the Evenings there is a wide choice of entertainment on offer. Choose between the many beach bars, fine restaurants or local grills.

• Anguilla is a 3 hour sail away and we kite in the offshore islands along the west coast. The spots here are only accessible by boat so there are no crowds here. Nightlife is minimal which is often appreciated after coming from st Martin!

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Kite spots

Orient Bay

This is the most fashionable beach in st Martins French side. Lined with bars and restaurants orient bay is a great setting for a few drinks after the days session. Kiting here is straight off the beach and conditions are flat/choppy with some small waves on the reef.

The galleon

A short walk from Orient Bay this natural reserve offers great flat water kiting inside its lagoon. There are some really good waves out on the reef but these are generally reserved for surfers.


This tiny island off the north east of St Martin is a great place to start a downwinder to orient bay. Conditions are flat in the shelter of the island but get choppy as you get further away from the shore.


Anguilla's kite spots are very uncrowded and many of the spots are only accessible by boat. Wind direction usually determines which spots we visit on the mainland and there are some all weather spots on the outer islands