Photos and videos of kite cruise in Caribbean
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North Kiteboarding Pro Trip 2016

North Kiteboarding Pro Trip 2015 - Grenadines Episode -

Pro riders Tom Hebert, Reno Remo and Kirst Jones spent 10 days with us cruising around the Grenadines. This film gives you a good insight into what to expect on one of our Grenadines cruises.

North Vegas - venezuela -

Aaron Hadlow joins Caribbean Kite Cruise with some of the best riders in the world to test the New North Vegas

Kitesurf Magazine Grenadines tour with Pro riders Seb, mallory and flo

This is a freestyle tour of about 8 different kite spots in the Caribbean Grenadine Islands - Official video 2014

This is the typical kite trip you can expect if you join us for a cruise - Official video 2013

This video was actually made by a guest who chartered the boat with his friends. We visit about 7 different islands each offering great kite conditions

Caribbean kite photos

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