Kite cruise destinations to enjoy kitesurfing in the caribbean
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Kiteboarding in the Caribbean

With its constant trade winds, countless islands and tropical climate, the caribbean seems to have been created for the sole pleasures of sailing and kitesurfing. Our navigation plans are organised to combine maximum wind exposure with the most spectacular kite destinations.

Grenadines Kite Cruise

The Grenadines are by far our most popular destination as they offer the largest variety of kite spots and the best wind statistics. Departures are primarily from St Lucia (airport code UVF) but can also be arranged from Martinique (FDF), St Vincent (SVD) or Union Island (UNI).

photo kite grenadines

Kite Grenadines

The Place

The Grenadines are the Southern most islands of the Caribbean and are surrounded by reefs, crystal waters and palm lined beaches. The colors here are incredible and the inhabitants easily transmit their friendly, laid back vibe. One of the highlights is the Tobago Cays marine park where you kite and swim with sea turtles and rays in their stunning natural environment.

photo kite grenadines

Kite Grenadines

The trip

There are few direct flights to The Grenadines so we usually start the trip in either St Lucia, St Vincent or Martinique. The initial sail takes between 4 and 18 hours depending on your choice of departure. Once in the Grenadines the trip consists of anchoring at a different kite spot each day and enjoying the multitude of kitespots on offer. Each place has its own charm and everyone finds their favorite Grenadine.

photo kite grenadines

Kite Grenadines

Kite Conditions

The Grenadines offer spectacular kite conditions for riders of all levels. Some spots are better suited to advanced riders while others can be enjoyed by everyone. Whatever your riding style you will find what you are looking for. Ultra flat for freestlyers, island crossings for cruisers and waves for waveriders.

Other Desinations

Aside the Grenadines there is also great kiting to be had in many other locations. For private groups we also organise kite cruises in The BVI, St Martin, Antigua and Guadeloupe (November- January).

photo antigua kite

Kite Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda

These 2 islands offer an amazing contrast despite being a short sail apart. Antigua boasts rich history and culture whilst barbuda is the the picture perfect desert island. This trip covers 5 outstanding kitespots on both islands and offers outstanding flat water conditions. (clic image for more details)

photo Virgin Islands Kite

Kite Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands (BVI)

The Virgin Islands have long been recognised as one of the worlds finest cruising destinations. In high season the beaches, bars and restaurants get lively as tourists are drawn by the outstanding natural beauty. Kitesurfing spots are away from the crowds on the outer reefs and more remote islands. Expect amazing colours, flat water and reef breaks. (clic image for more details)

photo St Martin & Anguilla Kite

Kite St Martin & Anguilla

St. Martin & Anguilla

Another classic pair of islands which complement each other. While St Martin boasts some of the the best restaurants and liveliest bars in the Caribbean its neighbour Anguilla is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations! During the cruise we cover 4 completely different kitesurf locations on both islands. (clic image for more details)