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Francesco and Yuca - 29/05/2014

My wife and I - both avid kitesurfers - were looking for a good kite spot in the Caribbean when we bumped into Richard's website. We thought - why limiting ourselves to only one kite spot when we could try them all? So we booked the trip, and that was probably the best decision in my life.

Richard took care of the details since the early stage, advising about the best routes based on the best wind condition for that specific time of the year, best island to fly to etc.

I have no reservations to recommend this trip to anyone who's interested in kiting. By all means, this trip exceeded my best expectations. I never felt like a guest, but rather a brother-in-arm. I met people from different walks of life, who shared the same passion: kitesurfing and sailing. And we bond together.

I would also recommend this trip to S.O. who don't kite. There is so much you can do if you want, such as snorkeling, paddle board, hiking, or you can simply just relax, swim and sunbath.

We had 9 days of wind out of 10, we kited in ultra flat lagoons, waves and we also did amazing downwinders. We were never bored, not even for one minute.

On top of that, Karine has been an excellent hostess and a great mentor for my wife, sharing kitesurfing tips and tricks. Above all, she has an excellent sense of humor and made us laugh so much! And how to forget the excellent food she prepared for us. What a treat!

If you're looking for an amazing adventure, don't think twice. This is it! The ultimate kite safari in the Caribbean!


Richard - 01/04/2014
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